Anti-Virus and Firewall protection

Improve Boot up times and speed up your S-L-O-W PC

Setup email accounts, printers, and other peripherals for you

Troubleshooting software & Hardware errors

  • End user ships equipment to Tsunami Technology or drops off unit
  • Project Lead Technician prioritizes the equipment
  • Data backup/restore and Operating System upgrade/refresh applied to same unit or Swap Pool unit
  • Hardware repaired if needed
  • User migrated to Swap Pool unit if necessary
  • Diagnostics and “Quality Control” performed by Lead Technician
  • Equipment shipped to end user via next day delivery or pickup up by customer

Monthly Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Maintenance Checks For Your Office Equipment

if you look around your office, you’re sure to see a host of office equipment that’s essential to the running of your business. You may have put a lot of thought into the purchase of your equipment, but what you mustn’t do is forget about it after you’ve bought it. Don’t wait for something to break before you pay attention to it. Instead, you should perform regular maintenance checks on your office machinery and technology. Preventing problems is better than patching them up when they arise, and could be a lot cheaper too. A maintenance check could save you money when compared to a repair or replacement. You can help to keep your office equipment in good health by performing maintenance checks. But you can also draw up an equipment policy. Tsunami Technology offers monthly maintenance packages tailored to your office needs. Please drop us an email and let us know what we can offer you.